Barneys’ Racial Profiling Problem Stretches Back At Least 20 Years

Posted: October 29, 2013 by O.M. CALDWELL in BLOG, URBAN LIFE
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Back in the spring of 1990, Johnnie Roberts was looking to celebrate a journalism award he had won. Roberts, who is black, headed to Barneys on 7th Ave. in New York City and picked out a $600 Hugo Boss suit. He met a tailor for alterations, left the store, and returned to pick up the suit two weeks later.

What happened next would find eerie parallels to the experiences of two black customers who alleged appalling racial discrimination at the luxury retailer this week — some 23 years later. The store manager refused to apologize. Roberts reached out to company executives who also refused to apologize. The Pressmans, the founding family of Barneys, told Roberts that he was the one who caused the clerk to make the mistake. Roberts began a boycott.

Some things never change.


To read more click the link: Barney’s still profiling black shoppers.

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